Sarah Rose
Ontario, Canada
Web site/Gallery Address:


How long have you been in the "online" community?
About 4 years now.
How long have you been collecting?

About 4 years. I signed up for my first pony board a couple days before I purchased my very first pony on Ebay.

What sets/years do you collect?
I usually collect whatever ponies interest me. I have a minor (ok major) obsession with MOC's. I just completed my set of MOC Big Brothers.
Favorite Pony?
TE Bright Eyes
When did you start customizing?
About 2 years ago
What was your first custom?
What did it teach you?
It was a custom of Cinderella with long blonde curly hair and a little silver slipper on a choker around her neck.
What did it teach you? Patience and the joys (sarcasm here) of RIT dye.
What do you consider to be your best work? Why?
My best work was probably my custom Swan Princess Odette. She has feathers sculpted around her feet, forehead and along her back. She also had a amethyst jeweled Tiara. I think what makes her stand out to me is that she was a unique idea at the time.
Do you have a favorite media?
I probably like best working with sculpey. It's just amazing the detail it can add to a custom pony.


Your giant plush are amazing! What inspired you to make your first plush?
In July of 2006 I had a house fire about a week after I got my Frilly in the mail from Hasbro. She was still in her box but the smoke got in and stained her horribly with brown patches all along her body. I got her professionally cleaned but she wasn't able to be saved. I had her kept in the closet for a bit thinking about what to do with her and then one day I decided to tear her down and recreate my own Giant plushie in G3 style. At fist it was a lot of thinking and planning out how to go about it but as time went on it sort of hit me that it would be a possibility. It was a lot more work and time then originally expected but whenever I finish each one I just have a feeling of satisfaction.
How long does it take you to make one?

Depends on each one. Extra additions like horns, wings or accessories take a bit of extra time. If I spend every evening sewing away I can usually complete one in a little over a week but my latest has been in the works for about 4 weeks now and isn't near done.

Any plans to take commissions in the future?
I have been thinking of it but obviously price and shipping are a huge factor. I've had a lot of requests for a smaller version and I've been planning out a way to shrink and alter the pattern.
Okay spill... do you have plans to make any other giant plushies?
I have one completed at the moment that I haven't released photo's of (Now available! See below for pictures of Paradise.) and there may be a certain boy in the works.


What do you think is the most important thing you have learned about art?
I think it's patience. Also that when making a custom it's a lot of fun to try something unique. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't but each time is a learning experience.

Any advice for those that are just starting out?

Try anything once and always be on the lookout wherever you are for ideas and inspiration.



Sarah has made yet another amazing beautiful Giant Plushie.




Click on a photo to see the larger image!

Special thanks to Sarah for allowing me to share her photos with you :-)