PEEK-A-BOO Head Removal



One of the more challenging heads to remove!


  • Flat, strong tool (such as a nail file)
I'll be rehairing a poor Baby Leaper with a buzz-cut. I've picked out nylon hair in "Sunny Day" from my store for the perfect match :-)

If you pull back the head, you can see the mechanism.

If you keep pulling back, you can see that the plastic will start to seperate from the mechanism.
Keep "peeling" the plastic of the mechanism by bending the head in each direction. Eventually it will just pop off.

Here he is with his head off.

The head is completely free, while the mechanism is still in the body.
Now, fine something thin and sturdy that you can use to run along side the mechanism to loosen the plastic. I used a nail file for mine. Once you have ran it on all sides you can easily pull it right out.
And there you have it!
Be sure not to loose that tiny mechanism, you'll need it if you want to make your ponies' head bob again.